Thursday, May 24, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 9

Day 9.
            Emerson, Lake, & Powell
            Do you know the score?
            I do.
            Welcome back to the show that never ends.
            Emerson, Lake, and Powell was what I first thought I knew about Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Years later I would learn that I had been hearing those two many years earlier, but… that’s a story for another time.
            My discovery for this incarnation of ELP was via MTV back in their music video playing phase. The wall of synths that Keith played mesmerized me. Before then I never saw such a massive wall of synths. How does he play them all? Does he play them all? Is he an octopus? I didn’t know. Cozy Powell’s heavy attack on the drums really got me. The catchy lyrics worked their hook as well.
            It wasn’t long before I bought this cassette.
            Later the CD which I still listen to quite often.
            This album has stuck with me because it was unashamedly prog in the mid 80s. The first song, the Score goes on for over two minutes before the vocals begin. Who did that in the 80s? No one I knew of at that point in time.
            Yes, it’s sad to think that all three of these musicians are gone, but like Freddie Mercury they live on through their fantastic music.
            Here’s Touch and Go.

Yours in learning to fly,
Count Robot

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