Sunday, May 13, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 2

            Day 2.
            Rush: Moving Pictures
            What can I say about this album from my favorite band?
            The production is densely layered. Rush’s playing is just at an amazing level. Using Permanent Waves as a springboard from this record their writing is sharply crystallized packing a visceral punch.
            When I first heard this album it was already a few years in the rearview mirror, but that didn’t matter. The freshness of the album still resonated to me and in many ways whenever I listen to it there is a feeling of joy as if it’s a welcome familiar friend.
            How well do I know this album? Whenever I get any piece of new stereo equipment this is my go to album for testing it out. I know how this album should sound no matter what type of speaker/headphone it’s blasting through.
            In a snide review of Moving Pictures someone once suggested no one ever listens to side 2.
            When I had the cassette of this stellar album I always listened to both sides back to back in order. Once the CD came out, if anything the track that would be skipped was often Limelight but now I appreciate it as a great lead into the astonishing rise fall epic the Camera Eye. What a beautiful song contrasting two cities. Witch Hunt is a howl of horror. True horror. First its witches, communists, terrorists… “Quick to anger, slow to understand.”
            Another thing going for Moving Pictures is that it is a well-sequenced album. Just a spot on classic. Never have I tired of listening to this record.
            On the Time Machine tour, Rush played this entire album in order. That was worth the ticket price alone.
            My personal connection to this album is that it is insanely amazing.
Here is the legend:

Yours in fantastic albums from Canada,
Count Robot

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