Wednesday, February 24, 2016

american dream

this was something i wrote many years ago for a project that i worked on with the amazing Dante Conte. Sadly it never took off but thought it was worth posting. hope you dig it.

American Dream

I’m Joe Average
and I’m dreaming
of Vego Nazis scheming
of walls of breasts streaming
Cadallac carnivores can chew on my bones
drowning in lollipop lads
and retro fashion exploitation fads
just give me the good hard fax
a keep Pamela Anderson from getting flat tax
turn on, tune in, shoot up, the American Dream
keep me from all that’s clean and sober and reeks of academe
give me cologne de’ Clint Eastwood tough
I bet the Statue of Liberty likes it rough
this land is your bland
from the thighmaster land
to the inner child fat gland
think locally, rape globally
Mentos, the brain wash maker
give me another shot at Drew Barrymore’s puberty or give me death
stay true to the night of the next Mike Tyson ear bite fight
snap, crackle, pop, let the shadows blow away another president, oh what a relief from freedom it is
burn, baby, burn all the discos with sterno
love me legal tender, love me until my credit card limit is through
put our laws in a convenient blender, maybe the presidential cat will get eaten by an Arab killer shrew
living at the YMCIA crack den
GI Joe just married Ken
the American dream is a child not a voice
so the next time you choke on that Ronald Reagon burger rejoice
live free or French frie
live free or French frie

Yours in dated social political satire,

Count Robot