Sunday, February 5, 2017

Great Moments in Astro Al History.

Ok that’s not really the title of this blog entry unless it’s meant sarcastically. Let’s call this post, Not So Great Moments In Astro Al History. I like capitalizing all the first letters. Makes them all feel equal.
A few years back Astro Al played the opening set for a psychedelic mini-festival at the Armory in Somerville. There was a rapturous belly dance by the spellbinding Samarra, spacey projections (the Astro Al projections were made just for this show), some cross jamming by the artists, and good tunes by all involved. Tim World rocked their set. Joe Turner and the Seven Levels did a solid groove of a show.
Well, after the Astro Al set was done, between acts your moronic narrator, decided to pack up some gear which we had previously heaped into a pile off to the side of the stage since we were in a hurry to let Tim World get on stage so they could take the music to the goat spirits in the crowd.
As I was removing the cable for my electric ukulele things turned sinister. The last song of our set was Swamphead Blues. If you’re unfamiliar with that song watch this here video.

Now that you know the tune perhaps you could understand the ukulele's frame of mind. My own instrument hated me for playing a garage rock punk three-chord barrage on it.
So as I pulled on the cable the ukulele vented its anger upon me by twisting in my hands and bashing me in the face. It was rather painful and unpleasant. I challenged my ukulele to a duel. We fought the next afternoon. The results were inconclusive.
Or maybe I just slipped and the ukulele bashed me in the skull and the rest of it was the scattered paranoia caused by a concussion.
            Maybe I’m not even writing this and you’re not even reading this.
            Who knows? I sure don’t.

Yours in historical friction,

Count Robot