Friday, March 30, 2018

Count Robot’s 3 favorite albums of 2017

OK so we’re well into 2018 and I have finally have this list up. As Ministry and Ed Wood would say, “So what?” Would it help if I told you that I probably already have one favorite for the 2018 list? No? Well then read this list or don’t.
3. Analog Missionary: Arc
Really great to see the long silent Analog Missionary become active again. I’ve really enjoyed this bands wonderful music. Welcome back!
Peace is one of the most creative songs crafted in 2017. For that song alone the album hit number three. This song blends so many insane elements together it transcends the genres of Bollywood, early 80’s prog rock, 90’s prog rock, New Wave, Psychedelia, and a twinge of Goth.
The classic sounds of Analog Missionary are still there but are given a newfound fire. I have the feeling if they put out another album soon it’ll be the best they’ve ever done.

2. Twink: Wide Eyed Wild Ride
Joy! Joyful dancing stuffed animals in a magic forest toy piano jam. Yeah, that’s what I hear in this record. It’s a party of fluffy awesome. Tunes that just bop out of the electronic corners and crash into your soul.
Another year, another amazing Twink album. So many great releases come out of this project that it’s mind blowing. Wild Eyed Wild Ride races to the top as one of the best Twink albums ever which is why it’s so easy for it to make the top 3 this year.
Another fantastic album cover and a beautiful vinyl release as well. Twink forever!

1.    Blackfield: V
This is their second best album. Their best being the first Blackfield album. Wonderfully orchestrated strings sweep across this record. From the opening score to the crashing end with the ocean sweeping throughout the album. Amazing songs that feel nostalgic yet fully planted in the present.
“I’m a Lonely Soul” is a trance inducing loop of a song that is smart enough not to overstay its welcome. One thing I adore about this album is that it’s 40ish minutes. It lasts just long enough for you to think, wow that was brilliant then its gone in the ocean.
Family Man has a rocking biting guitar kick. A dig at the straight life but yet a love for it at the same time with fantastic hooks. A perfect example of a pure wonderful pop rock song.

Avi and Steve have done it again.

Musically yours,
Count Robot