Friday, May 18, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 5

Day 5.
            Tangerine Dream: Green Desert
            Someone I knew let me listen to a cassette they recorded of this album. It was the first proper Tangerine Dream album I had ever heard. Of course I had heard their soundtracks to many different movies but none of that stuck to me so much.
            This album has stuck with me.
            I was told that the title track was a monster drum fest and I was informed correctly.
            Green Desert blew strange ethereal sounds backed by pounding mad drums and psych rock guitars that torched through my cheap stereo.
            This album only has four songs on it. The epic title track chews up side one. The next track White Clouds is like a mini-redux of the title track. Astral Voyager and Indian Summer are up next. These two tracks are ambient spacey trips to the inner grid.
            Many ages ago I remember walking into a chain movie theater in Somerville sitting down to wait for the movie to start and Astral Voyager was playing on the speakers! It then went right into Indian Summer then the trailers started. Who ever decided to play those before the movie, thank you! That movie theater no longer exists.
            Flash forward to a few years ago, my musical partner in crime, DNA girl, and I are discussing what our next album should be and it hits me to do our own bizarre tribute to this album, thus we created the Astro Al Purple Mushroom cd which is 4 tracks of spaced out madness tipping our hat to Green Desert with our of kilter science fiction trip out album.
            All TD fans have their go to album for the band, this one is mine even more so than Zeit which I discussed in a prior blog.
            Here is Indian Summer. The beautiful closing track.

Yours in astral voyages,
Count Robot

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