Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Legend of Zeke’s Assault upon the Phantom Castle

Night sky swollen black
There should be stars there is faint light but no points visible
Only in a dream world can there be a sky like this
Rolling through the parking lot in a silver car
Somewhere in mysterious mountains not the West but somewhere not home here in the South
Small wisps of fog slither over the ground
Get to the place to stop and park
All of the car is gone in that moment except for the driver side door, which I am holding by the handle
The window is down
Then that too is gone all of it
Cars that had been dimly and indistinctly present were also absent
Fell to the ground in sudden fit of color torrents of collars patterns complexities and rushing art storms all around
Flesh stretching bending fate diamond light scream into null flame of goose baby rabbit upstanding in a corn flake god’s cereal bowl
Everything becoming something more than once and less than negative
Flashing back to tsunami parades of rainbow pulsations
And then dawn whispered…