Monday, February 21, 2022

A review of Rock 'n' Roll Head Case – A book by author Lee Widener

  What can one say about a book where the main character has Alice Cooper's living head stuck on his hand?

Did you ever imagine that scenario? I hadn't, but gifted Oregon author Lee Widener not only envisioned it, he turned it into a novella.

In the interest of honesty, Lee and I have been virtually acquainted for a number of years. 

I've read one other book by Lee, Under the Shanghai Tunnels which is a collection of marvelously madcap stories, yet none twist so surreally as Head Case.

There are some other fun gonzo books out there, Joe R Lansdale's Drive In series being a good example. Head Case is more gonzo than most any gonzo book I can recall reading, yet it's coherent.

Chaino, the main character, isn't just a witness to the strange events, they are a part of him and he has choices to make which drive the narrative, and talk about a character transformation!

Chaino is told, “Life has no boundaries” by a guide, instead of just passively listening, the main character engages in a brief, but engrossing philosophical debate. There's a nice arc to Chaino as he isn't quite what we think he is, all the time.

If you like the surreal and often wondered what it would be like to spend time with a talking head that's attached to your wrist, here we are, this is your book. Also, this book may contain one of the creepiest characters to ever live in a shoe house.

You can get the book here

Sincerely yours,

Count Robot

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Sal's Show

       Episodes of Sal's Show often started off with the line, “Sal's Show is your show” and it felt true as Sal welcomed any performer to be on his TV show, or most anyone to host an episode. Sal Khan was a fun and very nice guy. Sadly, Sal recently left this planet. Goodbye and good luck Sal.

       Our musical weirdness, Astro Al, had the good fortune to play on Sal's Show a number of times. Here's our last appearance on Sal's Show.

We had discussed doing an appearance with our friend Tim Mungenast, but sadly that will not come to pass.

Here's a band we dig, Space Heater, who also appeared on the show.

Thanks for everything Sal.

We miss you.