Sunday, September 18, 2016

An Artist Named Mark Reiser Stepped into Another Universe

We knew Mark mostly emails and social medias.
Reiser was a nice guy.
Mark’s artwork was so deeply rich. It was like looking at black light art of the 1970’s filtered through a space age.
He did a fantastic job with all his artwork for Spaceseed. He played music as well but that stunning art of his was reaching out everywhere to fill my eyes with colorful strangeness.
Mark did the cover for the Spaceseed cd Empire of Night. It was their first cd that I had any involvement with helping to create. So just in that it holds a special place in my spirit. What elevates it and levitates it is that outstandingly odd cover. There is a brain dump of Salvador Dali crossed with Steve Ditko’s Dr. Strange artwork.
Mark has left this mental state we call life.
Goodbye sir, your passage has not been forgotten.

Sincerely yours,

Count Robot