Friday, May 25, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 10

Day 10.
            Rush: Test for Echo
            There’s so much to say about this album. Perhaps I should chart it out, or I could just write endlessly that Driven is one of my all time favorite Rush songs. From the stunning lyrics to the killer molten jams, to Geddy’s dead on perfect vocal delivery. This tune is pure Rush.
            It’s my turn to drive.
            Neil’s lyrics on this album take on urban violence, the Internet in its pre-antisocial media haze, and time.
            Some of the most playful set of lyrics Neil has ever delivered are sung on this collection of tunes.
            This album is the most recent in the list. I took this whole FB challenge thing to mean albums that had an impact or influence at a young age. When this album came out, I felt as young as I do most of the time when I want to do so.
            I could write a much longer piece than this, but I don’t want to make an overlong blog.
            On the Test for Echo tour I managed to see Rush four times. They were incredible on that tour, playing better than I had ever seen them before. One of the shows I went to was in Montreal. The only time I saw them on their Canadian turf. Part of the official live album from the tour, Different Stages was recorded at the Not So Great Woods show which some friends and I attended. So yes, I recorded with Rush. If you call screaming like an idiot recording with, then yes, Rush and I jammed along with a huge crowd.
            The best thing about all these stories, is that it ties in with a story about the love of my life. DNA Girl and I attended a cast BBQ, we used to kill people on stage for money, and stories about our murderous past will be saved for another time. We talked about how I ran to Montreal to see Rush. She was impressed with my concert cult level devotion. Trading concert stories brought us closer as friends.
            I’ve got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul.
            Nail biting hood boys in borrowed ties and jackets.
            Video Vertigo.
            Here’s a taste of this fine album.

Yours in dog years,
Count Robot

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