Monday, May 14, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 3

Day 3.
            Rush: Power Windows.
            This was the first album of theirs to come out while I was actively in their thrall. Some people hated this record, that is their loss.
            To me it was an instant classic.
            “Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world, than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled.” –That is one of my favorite bits of Rush lyrics right there. It comes from Territories. I deeply agree with that sentiment.
            Mystic Rhythms is a psychedelic classic with expansive lyrics. The thudding drum intro is entrancing. MTV used to play a video of Mystic Rythms which was directed by one of the Devo dudes.
            Here’s the video

            All the jams in Marathon make the song like a fine wine for the ears.
            Production wise this is a wonderfully crisply brightly sounding affair which matches the material perfectly.
            Lyrically Neal did some sharp, deft, writing. Consider this rail against conformity in Grand Designs, “Swimming against the stream, life in two dimensions is a mass production scheme.” Brilliant.
            The Power Windows tour was the first time I ever saw them thanks to my good friend Paul Armstrong. We went to the show on the old party bus from the store Stairway to Heaven in Boston, it was crazy.
            The Clockwork Angels tour was fantastic because they played a good chunk of Power Windows on that tour. Grand Designs even got a spin.
            I’ve heard all these songs live except for Emotion Detector, which I believe was never performed in concert.
            My personal connection to this album is that I never, ever get bored or tired of hearing it. If anything as time goes along, I like it even more.

Your Rush fan,
Count Robot

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