Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Tunes

We in Space Castle Astro Al are always craving new tunes to dig.

Here’s some fine stuff we’ve been spinning lately.

The GoatMan Orginal Soundtrack by the Unseen
This is a most 70’s groovy find. A soundtrack to a movie that may exist or may not exist. We were hipped to this by our friend Garry Lee who is a dj for the great Starship Overflow show. Thanks Garry!  Here’s a link to Garry’s show
There’s a lot of cool creepy sounds on this here GoatMan recording.
It reminds of us of the Astro Al cd Psychedelic Drive In Music which is about a drive in movie theater that no one knows for sure if its real or not…
The GoatMan soundtrack has a great story and visuals behind it. Give it a listen here:

Read about the story behind the insidious GoatMan movie at the link below.
Warning this link isn’t safe for work!

We’re also digging the latest release by prog super Swede’s Opeth. Their latest is called Pale Communion.
Check it out for a fun filled dive into epic time changes!

So go forth and dig some tunes!
Yours in happy listening,
Count Robot

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We at Astro Al don’t just like to make sounds, we dig hearing them too.

What are we digging at the moment? Lots!

Mission Creep: On the Sea of Suns
It’s space party jazz for the groovy kids

Twink: Critter Club
Always a good time in the garden of toy piano party tunes

The Unseen: The Goat Man soundtrack
Trippy freak out horror soundscapes

Hedersleben: 2
Yeah I can’t pronounce their name either but I can bathe in the glory of the
sounds they make

Electric Wurms
It’s the Flaming Lips under another name making one of their best albums.

Ok there’s enough for you now get out their and dig some tunes!

Yours in aural joy
Count Robot