Sunday, May 20, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 6

Day 6.
            Blue Oyster Cult: Fire of Unknown Origin
            A fire of unknown origin took me away. An album full of science fiction apocalyptic sword fights was the perfect thing to find its way into my teenage conciousness. Thank you Blue Oyster Cult, the one true cult that I would gladly embrace.
            My friend Paul Armstrong had this cassette tape which we blasted often on his boom box in those lost daze.
            Not a bad tune to be found on this collection. Production by Martin Birch, straight up, top notch.
            Burnin For You is a nice rocking follow up song to the title track.
            The feedback driven guitars in Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver are so wonderfully twisted along with the demented lyrics.
            Joan Crawford features a hysterically odd tape/sample/collage subbing for a solo. What gruesome humor.
            Vengeance (The Pact) is a tight story driven song, of swords, and bird beasts. The time change is deftly executed.
            It would be really cool if BOC performed this entire album live. I know they played the complete first album live a few times a year or two ago so why not this one?
            It also has an intricately tripped out symbol crawling cover that would entertain a conspiracy theorist for hours.
            This album is just part of my feeble mind. It’s impossible for me to imagine it not being in my collection.
            Here’s the punky vampire song, After Dark. Terror took control and told me what to say…

Your faithful veteran of the psychic wars,
Count Robot

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