Sunday, July 13, 2014

town of onions 7/11/14

hey! Astro Al was grooving at Onion Town on 7/11/14. Onion Town is a fun filled variety show.

if you were there well you know how much fun it was. for those who weren't here's some highlights.

DNA Girl getting ready for the gig.

our pun filled host and nifty musician Dan Trembly

stuff that was thrown at our host!

sorry I don't remember this cats name. he played a good set. did some stevie ray vaughn and accompanied Dan. very good player.

Gio! a comedian. not sure why this pic was so dark but he was funny. liked it when he goofed on ikea.

the always wonderful and fun Captain David Fork Tongue. the best pirate around!

a very pro video clip from our tune Cocoa Clouds the Chocolate Dimension. dig the mask.

The boondock sinners. good acoustic duo.

more of captain david!

ministral michael singing sea tunes as part of Captain David's crew

sword dancing! another member of captain david's pirate crew.

so yeah, if you weren't at onion town friday night feel square because you missed a lot of good times!

yours in fun
Count Robot