Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Gypsy Moths: Alright!

            One of the great joys of music is variety. There are so many wonderful styles of tunes, why not dive into the buffet?
            When you want old school, kick butt, party on down, stomp your stereo good time rock and f’ing roll, Alright by the Gypsy Moths is a classic.
            Putting this album on is putting a sweat soaked, dance filled, juke joint, rock and roll dive bar awesome good time into your stereo.
            I like this record so much I have it as both a CD and vinyl record. Which do I prefer? Well in this instance it’s very much the vinyl album. While the CD is great for the car, the grooves of this collection of songs cry out for the action of a needle driven sound system. Plus there’s a great photo inside the album with fun pictures of the band boozing it up as they rip up the stage of every bar they play at!
            The production on the album is smooth enough to not lose its much need rock grit. All the instruments and vocals are well positioned in the mix with nothing drowning anything else out. This is no small feet given the rich sound that the band has going on.
            What more can I say about this awesome slice of classic rock and roll tunes? Well here’s a personal bit, I have been fortunate enough to follow the musical career of Chris Conway and Steve O’Brien for many years, and this band is the best I have ever seen either of them perform in. Great job guys!
Ok this isn’t a cut from the album, but it will give you a taste of the fabulous tunes waiting for you if you dive in:

Here’s where you can buy the album:

Yours in rock and roll with teeth,
Count Robot

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Twink: Sugar Trip

Twink: Sugar Trip
            So what you’ve got here is a write up of a mini vinyl album. Sugar Trip is a beautifully colored 33 mini LP with two songs on each side.
            The title track starts us with a bouncy toy piano intro that takes us on a wonderfully bizarre trip of sounds from a dimension of psychedelic splashed bunnies. There is a sly undercurrent here that reminds me of the tinkle of old school amusement parks as filtered through a grand wizard of a 90’s DJ.
            Mike Langlie is the amazing dude behind Twink. He performs his crafty music on toys and electronics. With that simple credit, Twink creates a wall of inner child fun music.
            The whimsy on display here is so kooky it’s impossible not to dig it. The second track on side A, “Uh Uh Oh” goes in as many directions as a day glow bouncy ball. Just when you think you have that song nailed down, it jumps off in some other charming direction.
            Side B takes off with Fruitbat. A fun flight of fancy. Very beat driven and brief as a hopping bunny playing synths.
            Finally we have The Return of Doctor Eelsleeves. The title of this song alone is awesome. It could have easily been the title to a track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This one is a wobbly cacophonic spritely mish mash of a tune that re-invents itself in seconds. At a little over four minitues this is the longest track. Twink Prog?
            This download/vinyl album is another grand addition to the amazing collection of Twink recordings.
            You can take the Sugar Trip here:

Yours in super cool tunes,
Count Robot