Sunday, August 7, 2016

Publishing Yourself

           When a band self releases their own music, that’s cool and its belief in yourself and totally cool to go independent.
            When a filmmaker finances their flick themselves and sells direct to the audience, that takes guts and courage and dedication to their vision.
            An artist doesn’t usually wait for a committee to tell them its OK to go and create a painting, the artist just paints.
            So why is it when someone self publishes a book its looked down upon?
            Why is self-publishing your writing still considered to be somehow cheap?
            I read a lot. Some pro-published some not. Some pro-published stuff is great, some is crap. Some self-published stuff is great some is crap. So why do some people disparage everything that is self published?
            What is a blog if not self-publishing yet I don’t hear people decrying blogs in general, instead I hear “It gives everyone a voice”. Well doesn’t self-publishing do the same thing?
            For all of you who dismiss self-publishing, I’ll leave you with one last thought, without self-publishing the names William Blake and Edgar Allen Poe may have been unknown. If you don’t believe me research their lives. Both of them extensively self-published their own works.

Yours in committed self-publication,
Count Robot