Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 8

Top Ten FB Album Challenge Part 8
            Day 8.
            Queen: A Kind of Magic
            “Hey! Have you seen the preview for that new movie Highlander? Queen does the soundtrack!” That might have been how it started. Or maybe it was with Entertainment tonight discussing Highlander and showing a clip from a video with Freddie Mercury and  Christopher Lambert.
            I was already a bit of a Queen fan, but this album is the first one I bought. I had it on cassette first then CD. That’s a big part of the reason it makes the list.
            The album rips and roars. Brian May builds, builds, and builds his guitar sound until it explodes all over the songs.
            One night my friends and I were driving around aimlessly listening to a tape of the audio of the Highlander movie that George Barnes had recorded. Not only was the highlight yelling along with the quotes, but also hearing that music. That amazing music.
            The night I got a phone call telling me that Freddie Mercury was dead the first thing I thought of was this album. He was gone. Freddie wasn’t immortal in flesh, but he is in music.
             Long live the princes of the universe.
            Speaking of the princes of the universe, here they are:

Yours in one vision,
Count Robot

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