Sunday, July 9, 2017

Less than You

Less than You
I’m not sure that I know how to be human. Sure, sure I’ve been among your kind for almost six hundred years but there are things that confuse me.
            I wish I could be a good person. They’re many among your kind that do so many positive deeds.
            Yet others are opposed to a better way.
            Let me site some specific occurrences that leave me baffled as to how to emotionally orient myself.
            There are those beautiful women that give their charms to those who deserve it most.
            A little boy smiles at a passerby.
            A tender woman singing for no discernable reason.
            How do I respond? My dear pretty human friend, how would you react?
            Do tell me please.
            I don’t understand what it is to feel right.

Yours in writing from a void of self-avoidance,

Count Robot