Thursday, May 30, 2013

Psychedelic Drive In Music

The Starlight Drive In was closed for a long time.
There are some who say the Starlight never closed.
Others say it was never really open at all.
They say it is a burden to own it, this theater is a curse from something that is not a part of our universe.
The stars sparkle overhead and all beneath is not but dust and in long epochs of time even that light will be naught.
If you come to the drive in on any given night you might see amazing double features such as Cult of Frankenstein, the story of the mad followers of the twisted scientist who perverts all to create life, and Mansion of Dracula, the horrifying tale of a house that’s haunted by the blood of its maker and by the memories of its owner.

Are you in the future or the past?
Can you tell if you’re real as you park next to a car that’s no longer there?
Welcome to the Starlight Drive In. We hope you enjoy the show.

From your projectionist,
Count Robot

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