Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Onion Town

In the not so distant past we did a gig at the premiere of Onion Town which is a variety show which is held at the historical Tapley Hall in Danvers, Mass. A nice space with some cool stuff on display. Onion Town is an ongoing series of gigs and you should go and check them out. Contact Tapley hall to find out the schedule.

The show is hosted and run by Dan Tremblay. Dan does some goofball standup and plays some cool 60’s cover tunes. This show is not an open mike. Dan lines the acts up ahead of time.
Dan himself was up first. Seems apropos seeing as how it’s his shindig.

Next up was someone who’s name I’ve forgotten. Sorry. She was good though did a fun Janis Joplin cover while her son and guest star bopped about.

Then MC David Breen introduced the next act after ranting about Sesame Street.

This dude was cool. Did some blues tunes with just his voice and a harmonica.

Then up next was Michael Bloom. He did three great original tunes of his. That song of his Restless is very catchy.

David Breen came back and introduced us after a rant about Starbucks being the people’s coffee. That one is just for you David.

At this point Astro Al was up to get freaked out. We played three tunes. Ghost Town, Dr. Gumdrop, and Steampunk. During Steampunk the singer’s son played the part of an airship and ran all around the room. It was a darn fun time.

After our set there was an impromptu acoustic sing along on This Land.

Next was Captain David Fork Tongue telling a spooky pirate story.

After that a woman whose name I don’t know read some jokes.

Then a dude got up and sang a few tunes.

And that was it. A good night full of fun stuff. Admission was only five bucks and that was a lot of entertainment and the admission included free snack food and soda. If you like a good fun time you should check Onion Town. We will be back to play there again sooner or later.

Your scribe,
Count Robot

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