Thursday, June 6, 2013

You’re Dead, So Shut Up

The track You’re Dead, So Shut Up is of course about a husband nagged from beyond the grave by a zombie wife. It’s from our cd, Naughty Kitty. The words were written as an ode to horror punk. I’m a big fan of horror punk master monsters, the Misfits.

We’ve done two versions of this video.
The initial stab at it (pun is indeed intended) was too short. It didn’t capture the full visual story we wanted to tell.
Included here in the blog is the extended version, which is the better of the two. I added some swirling synths to the beginning of the video so there was an audio bed for the full video.
In the story a mad scientist kills his interfering wife and she returns to blab, blab, nag, and nag. He can’t escape from her so he tries to kill her… again and again and again.

This video was partially shot at one of our favorite locations, the Ballardvale Café. Drop on by for some fine coffee and vittles.
I would very much like to thank David Breen and Michael Dubson who both acted in this video. They did a great job. Thanks guys!

From beyond,
Count Robot

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