Friday, May 24, 2013

Swamphead Blues

Out here in the swamp where I does live we got lots of stories and the such like.
One of them here stories my pappy dun told me is what this here song is alls about.
I gots me a dog that moos and the only kangaroos I dun meet here taint got a choice to make about a whole lot of nothing.

Sometimes things get stuck in my gall wrangling head and I ain’t gots no way ways to get it out other than singing my ways through it.
When we was making this here video we was attacked by an army of ticks. They followed us home and kept a climbing and a crawling all over us. I hates ticks. It was like Attack of the Killer Ticks. Someone should make that into a movie.
Also yous might notice a seen where one of them here actors spits out some teeth. Them there are real human teeth that belong to that same actor and dun was pulled from his mouth at one point. Honest honey bunny.
Don’t say there ain’t no suffering for this arty stuff.

Shrewdly yours,
Billy Bob Grumpy Joe Billy Bob Jimmy Joe Esquire the Fourth

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