Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Memories of the Starlight Drive In

Thad Michaels was the owner of the Starlight Drive In or at least he was the entire time I worked there. I think he still owns the place even though it’s been closed for years now and yeah don’t buy any of that crap that it’s still open. The last time I drove by it there are weeds growing everywhere, the whole place is falling apart, it’s pretty sad but drive in movie theaters are dead sure there are still a few around but they're the ones that just don’t know they’re dead yet.
            There were a lot of funny things about Thad, don’t get me wrong, he was really a great guy to work for, I mean he paid great for a movie theater, I still can’t believe how much he paid me and no I ain’t going to tell you plus he helped me get some great pieces of tail more than once. Still he was a bit weird. The oddest thing about him was that, he always looked the same. He was one of those guys that never looked older. I worked for him for twenty years and he looked just the same as the first day I met him, his weight always seemed to be the same too, he looked like a slim jock. Sometimes he talked strange stuff about reality not being real for much longer or some crazy talk like that but hey he was still a pretty cool guy and if you own a haunted drive in you’re bound to be a little weird and that place was haunted for sure, I saw some of the ghosts myself.
            Thad sure could pick the flicks. He hand picked most of the movies we ran and he got us all sorts of exclusive deals which kept the place packed every night we were open. Our lot was only empty at closing time even when it was pouring out. He got us some great flicks like Vampire Hookers from Outer Space, it had some pretty hot vampire babes in it and Thad hired some gorgeous chicks to walk around the lot dressed like vampires, he even hooked me up with one and it was awesome, he was the best boss I ever had.
We showed that movie, Satan’s Sister it wasn’t really good but there were so many topless broads in it that people loved it, I hated that stupid love song that was in it, think it was called, Into the Sky it was a hit I guess.

He hooked us up with some weird flicks too like that one Attack of the Prehistoric Beast, I couldn’t figure out if it was a comedy or just two movies spliced into one.
Undead Kiss was pretty out there too, there was almost no dialogue, just all sorts of psychedelic music and messed up sounds.
            I don’t know how or where he found the Burning Witch but I’m pretty sure we were one of the only places in the world that showed that flick. I heard the rumors about a women getting burned alive at the stake in it but it didn’t look like a snuff movie to me.

Vincent “Vin” Breen
Former projectionist for the Starlight Drive In Movie Theater

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