Friday, June 21, 2013

The Brighter Side of Darkness

There is a dearth of negative energy on the interwebbies these days.

I’m really negative on all the doom and gloom and I hate all the hatred on display on blogs, faceboot, and all the other anti-social media outlets.

Count Robot isn’t on the net to be a downer, a negative force, gloomy glum.
I am here to be a light in the funhouse of the universe.
So you will not see me wasting my time bad mouthing creative types and things that I don’t enjoy.
Rather you will hear me rant and rave and enthuse about the greats and the maybe not so great artistic folk that I do dig (writers like A. Lee Martinez, H.P. Lovecraft, painters like Van Gogh, directors like Ed Wood and David Lynch, and music like Robyn Hitchcock, Rush, the Beatles, and so so many more).
See I can’t just understand why its worth my precious time on this sphere bashing something I don’t like when I could be praising what is groovy to me. Why should I negatively promote what I dislike? It should be all about the good.

So get grooving folks!

Yours in happy land,
Count Robot

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