Friday, June 14, 2013

More videos with Dan Margarita

We like acting in our friend Dan Margarita’s videos as I’ve mentioned before

Dan writes some pretty funny and cool songs.
DNA Girl acted in one of my favorites of his. The tune is called Boston Love Song. It’s witty and wistful at once. That’s a pretty hard thing to do and Dan does it quite well. 

Here’s another one we had fun with called, Now That We’ve Seen Each Other Naked. Again this is one of those tunes that’s rare in that its funny yet warm and honest. DNA Girl puts in a cameo like appearance in a pivotal role. She got her own trailer for her appearance. I grew a moustache for this part. I swear it’s not the truth....

Your music junky
Count Robot

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  1. So much fun! It's just about the only acting we do these days. Dan's a great guy to work with and so is Claude. :)