Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Swirl of Words

What is what was for you and me.
Retro Drive In midnight horror show finds revenge in the haunted forest of the back seat of the sweaty teenage car.

What is Astro Al doing?
Were have we been hiding? Under a bottle of course.
It’s empty now.

We’ve got a video 85% done for our upcoming musical endeavor, Space Outer. A collection of oddly oddball tunes. Some titles Include Lady Etheria Owns A Unique Airship, Set the Controls for the Heart of Khan, and Cocoa Clouds the Chocolate Dimension.

We’ve been working with the amazing and amazingly crazy Harts Horn. This collection of strange tunes have been collaborated and constructed by the three of us. Given both our crazy schedules this one won’t get done this year but then again one never knows…. Happy with the stuff coming out. Wish Harts Horn and Astro Al could do more stuff together. Perhaps what doesn’t make it for this one could be the beginning of the end of our next project together.

Space is time and time is waiting for space.

Drunkenly yours,
Count Robot

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