Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Limit?

Why limit yourself to one genre of music, fiction, art, food, and so on and on?
Better to change, grow, evolve, party, and make amazing things happen.
Better to live with one foot in the now and another in the future.
Guide yourself through the past to learn lessons for the future.

These tired dog matters are brought to you by the good folks of Pam A Wow makers of the new odor eating, flesh devouring, fashionable sock, the Sockalot! Astounding Sockalot washes the floor as you walk using fresh fluids harvested from your feet! Incredible Sockalot runs numbers for illegal betting on soybean wrestling matches, earning itself money, and it gives you thirty percent right off the top!
Go on down, and let yourself be walked out of a store by a pair of Sockalots today! Amazing stupendous ravishing Sockalot even walks for you dragging your lazy carcasses all over town!!!

Yours in advertising revenue,
Count Robot 

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