Thursday, May 8, 2014

the deathless night begins.

Ok most of you probably knows this by now but for those not in the know...

Count Robot has been up to some scribing again...

A Meeting in the Night is the first installment of the six part short story ebook series The Deathless Night.
You can purchase the ebook from the link below

Click below to watch the youtube preview of A Meeting in the Night. The trailer is narrated in the voice of the star of the Deathless Night series, Ashlynn O'Kavangh, a vampire from ancient Ireland.

Fans of 1970’s vampires will dig this like a grave. A six part short story series of gothic romance, blood magic, and revenge. No wus, sparkle, I wish I wasn't a vampire, powerless zombie vampires here!

If you don't have an e-reader you can download free software from amazon to read the story on your PC or MAC

Yours in the Deathless Night,
Count Robot

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