Friday, April 11, 2014

Corman is Roger

Al Goreman is full of Corman
So there’s this Bee that’s going to be in the movie. We’re going to call it Curse of the She Bee. The Bee changes into a beautiful woman and stings men to death because this scientist was experimenting on a queen bee with an atomic ray.
Moments like this call for brain surgery in the round
I slid down in the car seat next to him. Hey man if it’s a female bee isn’t it a queen bee? I thought the only female in the hive was the queen. So shouldn’t the movie title be Curse of the Queen Bee.
Yes technically yes but it’s not as catchy as She Bee. Women like it when we put she in the title of the picture so do boys. Remember that movie we put out last summer, She Monster? That movie was garbage and we made a bundle on it. A couple of weeks later we put out She Ghost and that was big too. So we’ve got to keep that title.
Ok, ok how about this, the bee that gets blasted is a male bee but it turns into a she. So we get that whole strange gender thing going on in addition to the horror stuff.
Great idea. Write the script. You have five days. By the way here’s the poster. It’s great isn’t it?

Yours in retro movie magic,
Count Robot

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