Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lost Transmission from the Moron Factory on Saturn

Beep Beep
Are you crazy?
Perhaps but no more than you
The trees shimmer vibrantly

In a cone there is no taste that should not belong hanging upside down with a bat on Venus

Did you ever see that flick Zontar thing from Venus? It was really It Conquered the World redone on cheap 16mm. But the thing is the original was cheap and cheesy enough but I guess not for some folks. The thing I love about Zontar (not the endless walking scenes) is how they kill Zontar with a wacky space weapon not just a blowtorch like in It Conquered the World.

Wait did you just call us to tell us that?
Ok I am pressing your self-destruct button. Enjoy.

Yours from somewhere in the south side of space,
Count Robot

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