Thursday, January 30, 2014

A True Science Fictional Lie

My friend Pudding Samson is a comedy/singer/songwriter.
She writes really funny and sharp material.
She sings well and plays solid guitar.
One night I ask her if she wants to do a gig with Astro Al. We’ve done them plenty of times before.
She blindsides me and says “No thanks, I’m not doing anymore gigs ever. Just going to be a studio thing.”
“That’s a mistake.”
“Why? Why should I bother? No one shows up. Ever. Why do you bother?”
“Now that is an interesting question. See you have to understand something. Doing these gigs is not about amassing an audience or sucking up the energy of performing for hundreds or thousands of people. Hell I don’t want to play any huge shows at all. I like small venues.”
“But what’s the point then?”
“Catch this vibe. You see as a performer and singer/songwriter you’re good. Your songs are catchy and funny and have a mellow message to them. I dig it. However they could be better, just like I know I can be better. How you get better is by pouring massive amounts of energy into practicing advertising promoting a gig then showing up and releasing all that energy into the ether of your performance. It is that surge and rush of emotion and creativity that will propel your material. You have to do that.”
“The Beatles stopped gigging and did their best work.”
“No offense Pudding but neither you nor I or are Lennon and McCartney. You’re good but not quite there and I’m more Larry Buchanan than Ed Wood. The Beatles were fantastic but call me crazy, I think if they had played some more gigs who knows how much better they could have been.”
“Ok let’s gig!”

Yours in self-indulgence,
Count Robot

PS for those who don’t know Larry Buchanan and Ed Wood here you go…

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