Friday, March 1, 2013

Rodney the Rodent Roadster

This tune was inspired by DNA Girl’s dream about a squirrel that built a red racecar so he could drive across the highway to get nuts.
DNA Girl’s dreamworld is pretty strange. Alice would freak out in that subconscious Wonderland.
After discussing this dream we knew it had to be turned into a song.
At first we debated about throwing in some nut jokes but it just seemed too obvious and we felt it was better to keep it as an eschewed children’s song. A psychedelic children’s song for weird adults.
On the CD the song is opened with a spoken word bit which we felt didn’t fit with the video so we cut that section out just for the youtubes. Sometimes what works in the context of a full album just doesn’t translate well as a standalone entity in its original form. More rambling musings on this subject in the some when futures.
So have yourself a cup of nut beer and enjoy this here video of the song Rodney the Rodent Roadster

Yours in strangeness,
Count Robot

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