Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pet Noizes

We have long been friends with Joe Davis who records under the alias Harts Horn. Harts Horn rocks and it is a cool privilege to have played and recorded with Joe.
Some years back we decided to record a split cd with Harts Horn. Since we both treasure the 60’s music scene we figured why not nod to a classic 60’s musical trove of history and mystery, Pet Sounds. Thus we dubbed our split cd Pet Noizes.
Although we had recorded three Astro Al cds before working on Pet Noizes, in many ways I really consider this to be the one where we found our identity. From the outset of Pet Noizes we aimed to make the majority of our tracks horror/sci-fi themed. We had always talked about being a B movie horror/sci-fi band but up until that album we weren’t one.
Check out this track Evil Organs that was built around samples from the movie the Bloody Pit of Horror.

Funny thing about Pet Noizes is we turned every track we did on it into a video with the exception of A Night at the Beach. We would make that one into a video too if we had a million dollars for a budget.
But the point is here that all these other tracks heavily lent themselves to the visual world.
Thanks Joe for suggesting we do this split cd. If we hadn’t gone down this road I’m not sure we would have found our true identity.
From the Outer Voids,
Count Robot

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