Sunday, May 22, 2022

 Cat Out of Hell

It's no big surprise that the incredibly purlfic Cat Temper would be back with a new album. It's not out yet but here's the bandcamp link to where it will be popping up. Yes, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak into the musical cat awesome!

What is a surprise is that it is most likely now my second favorite Cat Temper album! Just behind Henry. Considering how many meowtastic albums Cat Temper has, that is no small paw job. 

Yes, if you hate cat puns, stop reading right meow.

Cat Out of Hell is already a top contender for my favorite albums of 2022. I really dig the way Cat Temper distills the best 80's sounds into a fun mix of up beat instrumental madness. This should be the soundtrack to Stranger Things! This should be the soundtrack to every arcade.

There's also a felinetastic video for the song Purradise by The Dashboard Light 

The video is a lot of fun and if it doesn't hit your 80s sweet spot right away check out the end with an Atari/Twin Peaks fun fest!

Cat Temper is the best temper!

Cat Temper furrever!

Yours in pawesome tunes,

Count Robot

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