Saturday, February 5, 2022

Thank You, Howard Hesseman


In high school, the doctor made me want to be a rock and roll DJ. That's something I had for a long time. 

Because I wanted to be like Dr. Johnny Fever from the fun, funny show WKRP.

But after interning at a real rock & roll station, I decided it wasn't my thing. Still it was a fun path to see down, all thanks to, the doctor, Who (no, not the British chap named Dr. Who, the “W” in Who is only capitalized because I had to obey my master whose name is Spell Check Supreme) was played by the late super great Howard Hesseman.

I'm sick of being sad.

I'm not sick of being.

This is my ode to Howard Hesseman, the man who played, Dr. Johnny Fever of so many names. 

So many great lines. Paraphrasing is my way of not getting sued. “I thought Carlson was like me. Someone who didn't quite know what was going on around him, and liked it that way.”

Dr. Detroit is probably the funniest starring role of Dan Akyrod's film career. Howard Hesseman has a small, but crucial part in that flick. Howard is spot on perfect in that film.

So great in a criminally forgotten excellent part as a patient on the classic Bob Newhart Show.

There's stories going around about you, Mr. Hesseman frequently ad libbing on the show. If true, it makes you even better than I already thought. 

Thanks for letting me pretend to be you as a DJ in my mind.



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