Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reeling: A Life at the Movie Review Show

            Over many years and many episodes an amazing thing has happened, there has been a fun, insightful movie review show that has been on cable hosted by a married couple. 
            Laura and Robin debate the merits of different cinema shows from the art house stuff to the low brow Z grade garbage chow flicks. Their review of Zombie Strippers was just as priceless as their review of some Frenchie foreign fru fru movie that’s name doesn’t spring to mind at the moment.
            They rate movies on a scale of A-D (honestly can’t recall an F ever being handed out). They don’t give too many A+ marks, which wisely shows how prized that score is held. They don’t often give out D’s either but it happens.
            How long has the show been running? Well they reviewed Ghost when it came out, so that should give you a good benchmark. The show rolls out of Malden, Massachusetts. It’s also very easy to check out online. Go to:
            Ok so why is this an ad for a cable show? Because it is worth digging. It’s good, fun, and it’s a slice of history that people aren’t noticing and they should. Name another husband/wife show running for this long that’s still got spirit, spunk, and brains?
            Sometimes they agree, some times they spar, they’re real and so is their love of flicks. Most episodes have an insane amount of reviews and the Reeling website is crawling with more.
            If you dig films than this is the show for you to check out.
            Your humble blog typer has been doing crew duty on the show for more years than some have years. It’s been an experience to do something so insanely fun for so long. Some nights it’s all about technical stuff. However many shoots have involved skullduggery, drunken dust ups, pizzas, back door escapades, political intrigues, and fits of slanderous libel.
            When at the last shoot your narrator was confronted with the question, “How long do you think you can do this?” the response was, “I’ll do this until I drop.”
            Oh what joy! So watch away and behold what a movie review show should be, fun and informative!

Yours in good movie review viewing,

Count Robot


  1. How fun! His and hers movie reviews. Will have to check out this long running show.

    1. thanks Elaine. it is a good show. i think it might be on stoneham cable but you can watch it on the reeling website

  2. Replies
    1. come and do the show and tell him yourself you slacker!

  3. It couldn't be done without you. No, seriously, last time it really couldn't have been done without you!

    1. thanks man but it really couldn't have been done without you! thanks for the great direction.