Saturday, June 13, 2015

Goodbye Christopher Lee

We will miss you.
Your acting talent was always outstanding.
Whether you played a monster that you somehow made us loath, fear, and feel sorry for your character as when you portrayed Frankenstein’s creation.

It didn’t matter how bad the movie was that you were in you always gave a wonderful turn never giving less than your best which of course made you shine.

Often surprising but always dependable.

Thank you sir for the great body of work you gave to us.

Yours in Hammer Horror and beyond,
Count Robot


  1. He was just so awesome! There will never be another one like him. The last of the Horror greats! True, he wasn't only a master of horror but of any role he ever took on. Brilliant! The song movie I have to see. I've seen most of his films but not that one. Looks fun.