Thursday, October 2, 2014

Empire of Night

One of my favorite bit of words that I ever wrote for space rock metal masters, Spaceseed, is The Empire of Night.
People may get different things out of this track and most of the time I loathe over explaining my scribblings because when I read something I like to take my own interpretation of it just as I do with any other piece of art, but after some reflection I figure it is worth chatting about this piece a little.
What Empire was about for me when I wrote it is quite simply, paranoia’s prophecy becoming self-fulfilled.
When you get so paranoid that something is going to happen, often you make it happen just to validate yourself, even though you could never face that fact.
The character in Empire was never on the “government watch list” until he put himself there, and would never have his machine taken from him until he put it out there about the things he claimed it could do. Then of course he destroys himself and the entire world just to free himself and vindicate himself at the same time.
That’s what paranoid prophecies can do to you folks. Sadly it’s in the headlines all the time now. Don’t give in to those delusions.

-Yours in Bunker based living,
Count Robot

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