Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pirate Tales


Like a little pirate booty aye?
Well there friends, folks, and salty dogs check out Captain David’s Haunted Pirate Show.
Its full of ghastly spooky songs and tales.
A couple of the stories were woven by our own Count Robot so dig it like a grave.

Here’s a ghastly and brief interview between Count Robot and a ghost.
Ghost: When you work on these tales for Captain David are you interested in historical accuracy?
Count Robot: I know that the tales Captain David has written himself are very historically precise, however since so far I’ve only written for the Haunted show I decided to jettison reality and make up as much as I wanted. Fictional tales most often function best in a fictional world.
Ghost: Are you happy with the way Captain David tells the stories at his shows?
Count Robot: Very much so. Captain Fork Tongue really brings the stories to life and gives them a vibrancy that’s not on the page. When I wrote those stories I made sure to listen to Captain David’s voice in my head. If I couldn’t hear the line in his voice then I edited that line out.
Ghost: Will you be writing more stories for Captain David?
Count Robot: I would be happy to do so.

Here’s a clip of Captain David Fork Tongue’s Haunted Pirate Show

Yours in haunted sea shanties,
Count Robot

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