Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Rio Santos Adventure

Wherever there is evil, wherever injustice runs rampant, wherever foul villains perform their foul smelling deeds and as long as there are non mutant tacos to be eaten Rio Santos, will be there.
One morning while I was eating a cherry cheese burrito my trusty canine companion Chi Chi received a call on his cell phone telling us that Timmy was trapped down the well. I didn’t know of anyone by the name of Timmy but saving little boys sounds like the heroic thing to do. Besides children often have grateful attractive mothers. Or sometimes mothers who are skilled in the culinary arts. Occasionally I find both but that’s very rare.
Chi Chi and I raced to the well only to find there wasn’t a well so there was obviously no little boy that was waiting to be rescued. The whole thing had been a clever ruse used by my diabolical enemy, The Mutant Taco. He had lured me to that spot to trap me with his radioactive chili. Foolishly the Mutant Taco hadn’t counted on my astounding eating powers and I devoured his radioactive chili which was very tasty though strangely lacking in garlic.
Chi Chi and I quickly overpowered the Mutant Taco and turned him over to the authorities
That is how I Rio Santos saved the world for the first time that day.
Sincerely yours,
Rio Santos (The World’s Greatest Masked Super Hero Wrestler)

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