Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stranger Than A Stranger Land

Some updates on the Astro Al news front….
We’ve got a lot of footage shot for an upcoming video. The song title will remain a secret for now…

While gigs have been few and far between that should change next year. Astro Al is not going away no matter how much you may want us too.

Count Robot wrote a short sci-fi comedy story called Infinite Parking. It is available as an e story that you can download from Amazon for $1.

Atlanta space rock metal masters, Spaceseed will be playing their first UK gig next year at the Sonic Rock Festival. Get ready for your face to explode! Count Robot has of course been writing some words for Spaceseed for the past years. This is great news as the band has long wanted to go to England and play in the country that birthed space rock.

Yours in strange news,
Count Robot

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