Thursday, August 29, 2013

Favorite B Flicks

We at Astro Al are made of B movies.

What is a B Movie? Well if you don’t know, honestly you probably shouldn’t read this blog. No offense.

So what B movies make up our DNA? Well about a gazillion.

Of course there’s the obvious, Plan 9 and Ed Wood’s wonderful flimatic ilk.

But there’s also the other stuff…
Like, Something Weird. Check out the trailer for this brilliant strange fest.

Godzilla vs the Smog Monster. Giant radioactive environmentally conscious dinosaurs fight waste product monsters with a hippy soundtrack? Yes that sounds great to us!

So dig your way through some fun B flicks and let them mutate you as they may. Who knows maybe after watching a few you’ll want to start your own B movie band.

Yours in cinematic garbage,
Count Robot

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