Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ghost Story

Many of the best horror stories leave it to the reader to fill in the gaps and use the darkest parts of their own imaginations to fully develop the terror of the tale they are reading. The HP Lovecraft story, The Music of Erich Zann is an excellent example of this type of fiction. If you like a good creepy story and haven’t read the Music of Erich Zann than seek it out.
With our track Ghost Story we took that approach.
The idea of suggesting enough things to send the listener down many shadow filled paths.
What happened between Jack and his wife? Did he really love her and she him? Was the ghost trying to please Jack or did she want something else?
The video was shot in an impressionistic style to attempt to emphasize the gothic mood.
Some of the houses in the video are no longer standing.
The cats in the video just happened to be there while we were filming. It was an interesting coincidence to say the least.
So here it is, from Pet Noizes, our horror fiction, Ghost Story.

Supernaturally yours,
Count Robot

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