Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Unquiet Grave

Recently I chatted about the Astro Al cd Ghosts & Ghouls.
Now I’ll spin the yarn about the video we made to accompany our version of The Unquiet Grave.
A few years ago our friend David Breen got the idea to do a video for a song he was working on for the band Katfish 4 (which just so happens that DNA Girl plays in… is this the smallest world?). So we started shooting footage for that video. We even shot a bunch of video at a few locations in England. One of the locations was Leeds Castle. What an amazing place. Would love to do a gig there some day. Ah I can dream, yes I can…
So we shot over 40 minutes of footage for what was going to be roughly a four-minute song. When creating videos for tunes we’ve found over time that its best to have a giant pool of footage to pull from. The unused bits can always be put to work in other projects.
Well after shooting all this footage and dozens of pictures for some stop motion trickery the Katfish 4 video got scrapped. The details why aren’t the interesting part of the story, at least not to this robot.
So we tried to think about what to do with all this footage we had. We had already recorded The Unquiet Grave so we thought why not take the stuff that would work for it and put it together. There’s still a heap of unused footage lying around that will most likely stay unseen. Making videos for us I guess is a bit like sculpting. You start with a pre-formed mass and then strip away everything that doesn’t belong.
And here it is. Dig it like a grave

-Yours in eternal beauty rest
Count Robot

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  1. You forgot to mention that we filmed part of it at the Canterbury Cathedral, infamous for the slaying of Archbishop Thomas Becket.

    It was so beautiful there. As we were leaving the choirs was rehearsing. The acoustics there were phenomenal. I will never forget how gorgeous their voices sounded.

    The video was fun. We love playing in the woods. :)