Sunday, January 20, 2013

A blog about what this blog will be about… or something like that….

A blog about what this blog will be about… or something like that….

So here is the latest Astro Al blog. We used to run one on Myfacespace but those dwindled down and well here we are at blogspotty.
We hope you dig this ramble and the rambles yet to come.
So what are we here to yak about?
Well the B horror/sci-fi psychedelic band known as Astro Al of course.
We’ll discuss things that don’t fit well on our site or our Facespace pages. So this won’t be much of a news portal but more about items that are more involved than that and this space won’t serve as a site to imbibe our recycled updates.
We’ll discuss how we do things and why. We won’t divulge everything. Why? Because life is damn boring without mystery in it.
We are all over informed these days so while we lift the backstage curtain a wee bit you won’t get to go all the way to the dressing room door.
Not that what goes on back there is some super secret but why not let our imaginations have some fun?
So we’ll discuss some of our lo-fi recording techniques and B video athletics but we’re not going to give it all away….

And now here’s one of our videos for those of you who stumbled across this blog and are unsure of what Astro Al is all about.
This sums it up…

Scribed by Count Robot


  1. Hello Count Robot. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to your future posts

  2. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing the inner workings (and outtakes) of the band!

  3. the next blog should have some info like that on the ghosts and ghouls cd. thanks for reading!