Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chains of Air, Web of Aethyr

Recently we discovered a wonderful charity organization called Sound for Good

What Sound for Good does is puts together digital download albums for charitable causes.
To download an album all one has to do is donate a dollar or more on their website.
All tracks are donated by their creators.
Each album has a theme and where the money is donated to is directed based on that theme.
Astro Al created a track specifically for their new compilation.
The new compilation is called The Human Condition - Dedications to Phillip K. Dick. All money from it is donated to Hospice
All the tracks were inspired by Philip K. Dick’s writings.
For those unfamiliar with him go here:
He wrote some incredible science fiction stories. One that always stuck with me is Chains of Air, Web of Aethyr.
We put together a track based around it, which we called Aether Chains of Air
The story concerns a man who is afraid to make contact with a woman with a debilitating disease on a distant planet. It speaks to the fears we all hold about illness.

We urge you to go buy this album and do some good. The album contains 44 songs all by different artists. Go forth and download for good!

-Yours in charity
Count Robot

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